For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him  might not perish but might have eternal life. (John 3:16)

I Have been studying a word of God for years.  I never really had any religion until I was around 20 years old and started looking for myself.  I think this was a good thing, for when I started looking I had no preconceived ideas about what religion was, or was not.

I began my religious life by pickin up a Bible and readin it, where I believe everyone should begin. Not with some type of preplanned Bible study program, most of these I find are very bias and are attempts made by a certain group to lead one toward there particular views and philosophies. This is very dangerous, I say this because in most my experiences with these programs, what I have seen is Satan is trying to convince people that one particular church is correct, thus you need to join with the real church (or you will really not be saved). This is, in my opinion, Satanism, these people begin putting up walls and barriers that segment
themselves from Gods people, after all we are all Gods people whether we choose too follow him or not. But in my opinion most bible study programs out there are tring to make a particular church or group of people feel as though they knew better than the rest of us, but dose it not say that no one would have all knowledge but that some would have this and some would have that. So if you close your mind to outside thoughts and ideas, did you not also close your mind to what God gave that other guy, and dose it not also say that there is none righteous no not one ? Thus they have left the church and are trying to get others to follow them, beware of her and stay out of her, she's a gonna fall.

After my first read of the Bible, I then studied it for a few years. Oh, I wasn't some kinda monk or anything like that but I put good time in, I am a very aggressive person when I want to be, and I do so love studying the words of my God. I studied the parts that interested me and studied different thoughts and ideas through the Bible so as to determine what it was that my God was trying to say.

I then began my search for a "true" church. A place were I could mingle with people of God, and participate in the different programs that they may have to offer. So I began going around to the different churches in my area and talking with the preachers, setting up home studies with different church folk, and even looking though the internet (the way some of you may be doing right now), I used many other information highways as I researched these things.

I have studied with some but once and others for years. I have concluded many things and made many questions for myself. I have also learned a lot along the way, Thanks to Jehovah my God. This is why I do what it is that I do, for God has blessed me with an understanding, and an ability to teach and communicate what I know with others. I feel I must do this, or be wasting the gifts God gave me, and I don't wish to disappoint my Lord in any way. But also I would not wish to see good folk die because I didn't holler

Which religious organization dose this remind you of ???

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