These are some cool search engines that I was able to download from the Internet from the Blue Letter Bible site ( The first two are good for searching for things by words and phrases, or if you know where to look you can search by typing in the book and verse, or just the book. They are both good tool for study.

Phrase Search / Concordance
Words/Phrase To Search For
(e.g. Jesus faith love, or God of my salvation, or believ* ever*)
Enter a
Strong's Number
e.g. 2424 Greek

Did you ever wonder exactly what the legal requirements are that allows one to enter into eternal life are? Check out this report on the legal covenants made between God and man, from the time of Abraham to Jesus.

And here is a good search engine for the Greek and Hebrew Bibles. You can search by chapter and verse, or by word (you could probably about learn the languages here if you choose to do so I would suppose. But for those hard to understand and harder to interpret passages, this tool can really help.

Book Chapter Verse Range
All Verses
Or Start: End:
Show Strongs Numbers:

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